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Cloud-native multiphysics simulation software in your browser.
Unlimited scripting
Automatic meshing
Fully browser-based
  Unlimited scripting
   Automatic meshing
   Fully browser-based

100x acceleration for versatile multiphysics



Motors, superconductors, piezoelectrics, RF antennas, microwave engineering & more. 


MEMS design, vibration analysis, general elasticity, nonlinear mechanics Electromagnetics & more.

Fluid dynamics

Aerodynamics, fluid-structure interaction, microfluidics, laminar flow, turbulent flow & more.

Why .allsolve?

Solve 10x faster in 10x more complex simulations.

Runtime from days to coffee breaks.

Run as many simulations in parallel as you like.

Parametric sweeps and optimization problems with blazing speed.

Say goodbye to upfront license costs.

No user limits. No hardware costs.

Work on projects together.

Share your work by sending a link. No licenses required.

Full support every step of the way
  • You can get support directly from the experts on our team. We can provide training, workshops and can even implement simulation models for you.
  • On our documentation site, we offer a collection of tutorial videos and documentation updated weekly.

What experts say about .allsolve

.allsolve roadmap

August 2022
First Early Access users are onboarded
October 2022
The first version of Quanscient.allsolve is officially launched with a focus on electromagnetics
March 2023
Quanscient.allsolve v.1.1. Parametric sweeps, usability improvements, script documentation
June 2023
Quanscient.allsolve v.1.2. Extruded meshing, optimized simulations startup-time, account management
This year
Cloud API for Quanscient.allsolve. Cloud-based FEM for accelerating CFD simulations.
Next three years
Quantum-accelerated simulations. Seamless integration and automation for simulations in design workflow.


No user limits. No hardware costs. Our pricing is based on core-hours used.

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