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Photo of Juha Riippi

Juha Riippi

CEO, Co-Founder

Juha has more than 16 years of experience in software development and digitalization businesses. During that time he has been working in international sales, programming and leadership roles.

Photo of Alexanre Halbach

Dr. Alexandre Halbach

CTO, Co-Founder

Alexandre is our CTO and simulation algorithms expert. He has developed our state-of-the-art multiphysics simulation algorithms and has years of hands-on R&D experience.

Photo of Asser Lähdemäki

Asser Lähdemäki

Software Architect,

Asser is a life-long software enthusiast with unchallenged intuition for software architecture. Previously, he has been working as an entrepreneur and as a researcher in a world-renowned Computational Electromagnetics group.

Photo of Dr. Valtteri Lahtinen

Dr. Valtteri Lahtinen

Chief Scientist,

Valtteri is the lead researcher and is responsible for our Quantum Algorithm development. He is passionate about creating world-changing technologies through mathematics and physics and has more than 10 years of spearhead research experience.