About us

We're all about making hardware development faster, more efficient, and more sustainable.

As such, our team consists of people passionate about using technology to make an impact 

We write top-notch code, state-of-the-art algorithms, conduct world-leading research, drink first-rate coffee and come up with awe-inspiring hyphenations.

Mission & vision

We're working towards a future where hardware development is a breeze with automatic testing, simulations, and optimization happening behind the scenes.

History lesson

Before Quanscient got started, we saw a glaring deficiency in the performance of simulation platforms.

In fact, our CTO, Dr. Alexandre Halbach, had already been solving this problem for eight years by developing a performant and modern set of algorithms.

But an algorithm library, no matter how advanced, is not a product and therefore remains inaccessible for most due to the steep learning curve and purely code-based access.

With Alexandre’s expertise combined with our other co-founders’ Dr. Valtteri Lahtinen’s quantum expertise, Asser Lähdemäki’s cloud development skills, and Juha’s background in the software business, we knew we had the perfect combination of skills to create a new simulation service.

Indeed, everything was set to create a revolutionary simulation platform that will truly take advantage of cloud scaling to speed up the solutions and make them more accurate.

We founded Quanscient in the September of 2021 and have since grown the team to 18 awesome professionals, with the first version of the product launched in late 2022.

Of course, this was just the beginning, as new releases of .allsolve are rolling out while our quantum team is continuing to conduct spearhead quantum research.

.allsolve in a nutshell

  • Solve 10x faster in 10x more complex simulations.
    • Runtime from days to coffee breaks.
  • Simulate every detail and variation of your design.
    • No need for simplified models.
  • Say goodbye to upfront license costs.
    • Pay for what you use. Run as many simulations in parallel as you like. No cluster queues.
  • Work on projects together.
    • Share your work by sending a link. No licenses required.

Our core values


We know that work and play can coexist. We encourage our team to have fun, tell bad jokes, drink good coffee, and make the most of their time.


We strive for nothing but the best. We're always pushing ourselves to improve and deliver top-notch products and services to our customers.

Work-life balance.

We believe that life is too short to be stuck in the office all the time. We support our team in finding the balance that works for them and strive to create a culture where you can take a break when you need one.


We keep it real at Quanscient. We don't beat around the bush: we focus on finding practical solutions that get the job done without com.


Trust is key at Quanscient: we build it with our team, customers, and partners through open communication and consistency in everything we do.


We believe diversity and inclusiveness are essential to creating a strong and innovative team. We strive to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome and valued, regardless of their background or identity.

Quanscient in numbers



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Meet the team

These lovely individuals make things happen.
Photo of Juha Riippi

Juha Riippi

CEO, Co-Founder

Juha has more than 16 years of experience in software development and digitalization businesses. During that time he has been working in international sales, programming and leadership roles.

Photo of Dr. Alexandre Halbach

Dr. Alexandre Halbach

CTO, Co-Founder

Alexandre is our CTO and simulation algorithms expert. He has developed our state-of-the-art multiphysics simulation algorithms and has years of hands-on R&D experience.

Photo of Asser Lähdemäki

Asser Lähdemäki

Software Architect, Co-Founder

Asser is a life-long software enthusiast with unchallenged intuition for software architecture. Previously, he has been working as an entrepreneur and as a researcher in a world-renowned Computational Electromagnetics group.

Photo of Dr. Valtteri Lahtinen

Dr. Valtteri Lahtinen

CSO, Co-Founder

Valtteri is the lead researcher and is responsible for our Quantum Algorithm development. He is passionate about creating world-changing technologies through mathematics and physics and has more than 10 years of spearhead research experience.

Photo of Dr. Ljubomir Budinski

Dr. Ljubomir Budinski

Quantum Algorithm Researcher

Ljubomir is a quantum algorithm researcher in the field of Multiphysics with more than 15 years of experience in developing the classical and quantum algorithms.

Photo of Dr. Ossi Niemimäki

Dr. Ossi Niemimäki

Quantum Algorithm Researcher

Ossi has more than a decade of experience in wrangling practical tools out of abstract mathematics. His background includes computational electromagnetics, quantum mathematics, algorithm development, and generally falling head over heels for anything mathematical.

Photo of Dr. Roberto A. Zamora Zamora

Dr. Roberto A. Zamora Zamora

Quantum Scientist

Roberto has a decade of experience in physics research and scientific software HPC-solutions. He enjoys developing code and algorithms for cracking the most intriguing physics phenomena on the quantum side of the world!

Photo of Antti Palola

Antti Palola

Senior Full Stack Developer

Antti has been involved in mobile and web projects for over ten years. He has been leading teams and worked in all sorts of projects, big and small; national and international.

Photo of Joonas Haapsaari

Joonas Haapsaari

Lead Software Engineer

Joonas has more than 20 years of experience in software and service development. He has been in multiple roles involving project and team leadership, product ownership, software architecture and full-stack software development.

Photo of Sami Koskimäki

Sami Koskimäki

Senior Full Stack Developer

Sami is an experienced full stack web developer and the main author of the widely used Objection.js ORM library.

Photo of Jukka Hietamäki

Jukka Hietamäki

Lead Product Designer

Jukka has worked in the field of design for 15 years. From ad agency work to mobile and web services, Jukka has a broad range of experience from projects big and small, handling concepts and UI surfaces, all the way to team management.

tiina laaksonen

Tiina Laaksonen

Visual Designer

With a passion for both creativity and practicality, Tiina creates designs that are both visually appealing and user-friendly. She balances form and function, ensuring that every element serves a purpose. Her keen eye for detail ensures that every element is carefully considered to meet the needs of the end-user.

Photo of Dr. Abhishek Deshmukh

Dr. Abhishek Deshmukh

Multiphysics FEM Software Developer

Abhishek has more than nine years of experience in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) research and software development, especially for applications in high-speed compressible flows, turbulence, multiphase flows, and combustion.

Photo of Dr. Bassou Khouya

Dr. Bassou Khouya

Multiphysics FEM Software Developer

Bassou is a finite element algorithms developer with more than five years of research experience in high-order methods for multiphysics applications.

Photo of Rahul Nagaraja

Rahul Nagaraja

Multiphysics FEM Software Developer

Rahul is a Computational mechanics graduate with focus on fluid dynamics and Multiphysics simulation using FEM. Keen interest in mathematical know-how behind computational methods.


Dr. Mika Lyly

Senior Solutions Specialist

Mika Lyly has an extensive background of more than a decade in the field of applied superconductivity and more than four years of experience in electricity distribution. Mika’s work has included developing FEM formulations in areas such as electromagnetics, device design, and experimental research.


Merle Backmeyer

Multiphysics FEM Software Developer

Merle has a background in computational engineering with a focus on electromagnetics. One of her particular interests is in the field of superconductors. She is about to finish her Master's at ETH Zurich.


Jukka Knuutinen

Growth Marketing Specialist

Jukka has a background as a digital marketer specializing in lead acquisition through automated marketing funnels and captivating content creation — paid and organic.

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