Fast and accurate superconductor simulations with
Quanscient Allsolve

Accelerate your R&D with robust and comprehensive superconductor simulations.

Quanscient Allsolve gives you

Accelerated runtime and accurate results

  • Run each simulation of a parametric sweep on its own hardware at the same time on our cloud to dramatically accelerate the runtime.

  • Benefit from the only robust commercial implementation of the H-phi formulation.

  • Solve nonlinear problems in transient or multiharmonic mode.

  • Match your experimental measurements better and reduce the number of unknowns significantly.

Flexible configurations

  • Easily and automatically set the net current with no additional degrees of freedom and no additional algebraic constraints providing a more stable simulation with faster and more accurate results.

  • No cooking recipes needed to handle insulators, thus allowing a more straightforward setup with fewer numerical parameters to tweak.

Robust simulations

  • Full device-level simulations in 3D down to the tiniest details.

  • Robust simulation of nonlinear ferromagnetic and superconducting materials.

Multiphysics approach

  • Easily coupled to thermal problems for quench simulations while taking mechanics into account.

Limitless automated processes

  • Automate your simulation with our powerful scripting interface.

  • Remove the simulation limitations that are imposed by a graphical interface and get exactly the results you want.

Full support every step of the way

  • You can get support directly from the experts on our team. We can provide training, workshops and can even implement simulation models for you.
  • On our documentation site, we offer a collection of tutorial videos and documentation updated weekly.

Next to linear scaling up to 640 CPUs

In this example, we ran a simulation with five filaments embedded in a copper matrix using H-phi formulation.

With 1 399 033 degrees of freedom, the leading desktop multiphysics solver took 8 days to run it in a 96-core HPC.

Quanscient Allsolve solved it in just 1h 45 min using 640 cores.
With just five cores, Quanscient Allsolve ran it in under 50 hours. 

Here’s publication that we contributed to related to this benchmark.


Nonlinear, transient simulation

Transport current: 0.8*Ic
Frequency: 50 Hz
n-value: 30
Degrees of freedom: 1 399 033


What work looks like with Quanscient Allsolve

Below, you'll find videos demonstrating some of the key capabilities of Quanscient Allsolve in superconductor simulations all the while showcasing our easy-to-use GUI.

How to configure a superconductor AC loss simulation with ease

Setting up and running an AC loss simulation has never been so easy.

It has certainly never been so fast.

See above how a superconductor AC loss simulation can be configured and run with multiple cores in the cloud.

Watch full tutorial on YouTube 

How to run a 3D quench simulation of a superconducting YBCO tape

DoF: 1 000 000
Runtime: 50 minutes
Cores: 50

Furthermore, Quanscient Allsolve allows you to run multiple configurations simultaneously without adding any extra computational time with automated parallel parametric sweeps.

See how it’s in the video above.

Watch full tutorial on YouTube 

How to model quenching in a stack of superconducting tapes

We demonstrate how to simulate the quench of a stack of six superconducting tapes, taking into account all the layers.

From the results, you can visualize the current distribution over all tapes in the stack, resolved up to each individual material layer.

Again, everything in the cloud with unlimited flexibility and speedups like none other.

Watch full tutorial on YouTube 

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