Reduce piezoelectric simulation runtime from days to coffee breaks with Quanscient Allsolve

Easier set up and faster solving in all piezoelectric use cases.

Most popular:
MEMS devices
Bulk acoustic wave (BAW) resonators
Surface acoustic wave (SAW) sensors
Most popular:
MEMS devices
Bulk acoustic wave (BAW) resonators
Surface acoustic wave (SAW) sensors

Quanscient Allsolve  gives you

High-performance 3D simulations

  • The only simulation platform utilizing Domain Decomposition Method (DDM) for piezoelectric simulations.

  • Simulate larger and more complex systems in less time by taking advantage of parallel processing.

  • Faster and more accurate simulation measurement with DDM ports which allows you to link the whole device to a closed circuit.

Thousands of simulations in parallel

  • Run frequency sweeps to explore the relationship between input frequency and output response.

  • Gain a better understanding of the system's behavior and optimized device design.

Automatic PMLs for a one-click set up

  • Skip the manual set up: just one click and your PMLs are ready.

  • Efficiently manage the computational costs by adjusting the number of layers and the thickness of each layer.

Multiphysics coupling with any physics you want

  • Save time and get more accurate and reliable results.

  • E.g. electromagnetics, thermal conduction and structural analysis all natively coupled in one simulation.

  • We call this native multiphysics.

Powerful scripting interface

  • Automatically generated Python scripts that define the entire simulation.

  • Our multiphysics scripts library includes practically everything you need in piezoelectric simulations.

Full support every step of the way

  • You can get support directly from the experts on our team. We can provide training, workshops and can even implement simulation models for you.

  • On our documentation site, we offer a collection of tutorial videos and documentation updated weekly.

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