Quanscient Webinar (+ Downloadable PDF summary)

Faster and more reliable MEMS design with cloud-based multiphysics simulations

See how engineers are leveraging cloud computing for faster design cycles and increased product reliability in MEMS design
   Jun 18, 2024 (Available on-demand)
  Dr. Andrew Tweedie, Dr. Abhishek Deshmukh & Jukka Knuutinen
In this 60-minute webinar, we explored how Quanscient Allsolve addresses common design roadblocks and enables faster design and manufacturing of more reliable MEMS devices.
Special guest:

Joining us is Dr. Andrew Tweedie, CEO of Kogsys, a consultancy specializing in MEMS simulation. He'll share practical examples of how Allsolve has accelerated development cycles, improved design optimization, and ultimately led to more reliable MEMS products.

Key takeaways:
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the challenges in MEMS design and how cloud simulation offers the solutions

  • Learn how to utilize the power of cloud computing for increased design exploration through parallel simulations

  • Discover strategies for optimizing your MEMS designs for performance, reliability, and manufacturability

  • See Quanscient Allsolve in action with a live demonstration of a microspeaker simulation, including setup, parameter sweeps, and results analysis
Who is this for:
  • MEMS design engineers

  • Engineering managers and team leaders

  • Anyone interested in the practical applications of cloud simulation for MEMS design

Register now and discover how companies are already utilizing cloud scaling for faster design cycles and improved reliability.

About the speakers



Dr. Andrew Tweedie

CEO, Kogsys

Dr. Tweedie has an extensive background in MEMS design and experience working with clients in the MEMS industry, helping them leverage Quanscient Allsolve to tackle design challenges.



Dr. Abhishek Deshmukh

Team Lead - Application Engineering, Quanscient

Abhishek has more than nine years of experience in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) research and software development, especially for applications in high-speed compressible flows, turbulence, multiphase flows, and combustion.

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0:00 Introduction | 0:57 Agenda | 2:34 Challenges faced with simulations in MEMS design | 5:14 How cloud-based software addresses these challenges directly | 7:29 Other benefits of cloud-based simulation software | 9:59 Introduction to microspeaker demo | 14:01 Model & physics setup in the GUI | 20:47 Mesh & simulation settings | 23:40 Python scripting interface | 26:12 Parameter sweep | 27:09 Results & visualizations | 29:43 Introduction to PMUTs | 33:41 Case example 1: PMUT stack  | 36:00 Case example 2: 11x11 PMUT array | 40:56 Case example 3: Monte Carlo analysis for PMUT | 49:06 Q&A | 53:47 Conclusion and key takeaways