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Simulate your MEMS models in a fraction of the time.

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Pressure sensors

Quanscient.allsolve  gives you

MEMS simulations with unprecedented scale and complexity

  • Run large scale simulations of various types of MEMS devices with ease.

  • Our scaling capabilities allow you to run 10 times more complex simulations 10 times faster.

Multiphysics coupling with any physics you want

  • Couple fluid flow, thermal, mechanical, ultrasound, and electromagnetic effects.

  • Simulate intrinsically multiphysics MEMS devices such as microfluidics, ultrasound transducers, and electrostatic comb drives micromirrors.

Powerful scripting interface

  • Automatically generated Python scripts that define the entire simulation.

  • Our multiphysics scripts library includes practically everything you need in MEMS simulations.

Full support every step of the way

  • You can get support directly from the experts on our team. We can provide training, workshops and can even implement simulation models for you.

  • We have a weekly expanding library for tutorial videos and documentation here.

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