Adapt your price to your simulation needs

Our pricing is based on the volume of simulations you’re running. No user-based fees, no floating license. We can adapt to your changing requirements for simulations.

Core-hour based pricing

The unit of simulation consumption is a core-hour.
You will subscribe to a certain plan that includes a monthly or a yearly quota of core hours.
When running simulations, this quota is consumed.

A core-hour?

Number of CPUs used parallelly  x  Number of cores per CPU x Time simulation is running (h)


Our plans

Typically our users subscribe to a plan between € 10,000 - € 100,000 annually depending on their needs.
However, our efficient algorithms often require fewer core hours than expected.
Our team is here to help you determine the right amount for your specific needs.
Get in touch with us to discuss the right plan for you!
Some examples of our plans:

*All prices excluding VAT

Small plan

€ 10,960.00 yearly

Core hours

Price per core hour
€ 1.00

Support hours included
Email support

Medium plan

€ 48,960.00 yearly*

Core hours

Price per core hour
€ 0.40

Support hours included
5 / month

💡The core hours in our medium plan is equal to running 13.7 cores nonstop parallelly for a full year.


What happens when I exceed my quota?

We will be in touch before this happens. You can easily order more core hours flexibly with the same price per core hour that your current plan offers.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Just let us know via email that you’d like to cancel and your subscription will be cancelled with a one month notice.

How many users can there be in a subscription?

The amount of users is not limited at all. You can add as many as you like.

Can I use the product on different devices.

Sure! As long as the device has a modern browser. We’ve even run simulations using iPads.

How can I pay?

We will invoice you monthly or yearly. The invoices are paid by wire transfer. We are working on supporting credit cards.